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Lash Extensions

We customize all of our work to your preferred length, shape, and curl - and what your natural lashes can handle. We will never compromise the integrity of your natural lashes! Take a peek at Instagram   

Not sure sure what to book?  Call us to book a complimentary consultation, and one of our expert lash artists will help you decide. Please note: all full sets include a consultation at the start - no need to book one separately!



Book a full set when you aren’t currently wearing extensions. Every full set includes a free aftercare kit ($18 value) to help you keep your lashes in tip-top shape. We offer several full set styles to fit your desired look!

Please note: the total number of lashes applied in each set (and thus, the final outcome) is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have. We can only apply extensions to existing natural lashes.


Classic - $200
1 extension to 1 natural lash. Book Classic lashes if you’re looking to add more length and a little bit of fullness. We do not recommend Classic lashes for those with sparse natural lashes (try Hybrid or Volume to build fullness instead!).

Hybrid - $250
A mix of classic and volume extensions. Book Hybrid lashes if you want to add more texture, length, and a medium amount of fullness. This is our most popular style!

Volume - $300
3-7 lighter-weight extensions applied to 1 natural lash. With this highly-skilled technique, we’ll shape your extensions into “fans” by hand before applying them to your natural lashes. Volume lashes provide moderate length and fullness (hi, beautiful fluff!). Book Volume lashes if you’re looking for more fullness than length.



Fills are touchup reservations* to add extensions to lashes that have shed and new lashes that have grown.

We cannot apply extensions over dirty lashes, so please come to your lash reservation without any eye makeup to maximize the time we can apply lashes. If you arrive with makeup or other residue, we are happy to provide a lash bath.


Classic Fills

Light Fill: $95
Heavy Fill: $125

Hybrid Fills

Light: $115
Heavy: $135

Volume Fills

Light: $125
Heavy: $150 


Clients with many natural lashes or who wish to maintain a very full set of extensions will want to book longer and/or more frequent fills to allow sufficient achieve their desired looks. Lashing is an art and requires time to execute beautifully!

Beyond 4 weeks, we will generally recommend you have a fresh full set applied for the best look and experience.