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Lash Aftercare

These are our top tips!

  • Wait at least 5 hours before exposing your extensions to water:

    • Avoid heavy exercise (i.e., sweating!), showers, saunas, and steam rooms. Save the facial for the next day or later.

    • After this, feel free to shower, swim, exercise, etc. as you normally do! Wash your lashes with your Lash Shampoo after any heavy workouts or exposure to chlorine / other chemicals.

  • Select makeup carefully:

    • For best results, avoid additional eye makeup altogether. Your new lashes are going to be so beautiful, you likely won’t even need additional enhancement!

    • Avoid anything oil-based or waterproof. Makeup with oil can loosen the adhesive’s bond, causing the extension to separate from the natural lash and fall off prematurely. Oil-free shadow can make a great eyeliner dupe - simply dip the tip of a pointed makeup brush in water, then into your shadow before applying along your lash line.

    • All of our products available to purchase are extension-friendly. If you aren't sure whether your makeup is extension-friendly, don't be afraid to ask your lash stylist!

    • Please be advised - even oil-free makeup can lead to premature loss of your extensions. When you remove your makeup, stick to oil-free removers and be careful not to rub your eyes.

    • Don't use eyelash curlers - instead, let us know you want more curl at your next fill. We can help you select the best extensions for you.

  • Love for your face translates to love for your lashes:

    • Wash your face gently and softly, particularly around the eye area. We recommend using our Lash Shampoo with a soft makeup brush to clean your eyes and remove eye makeup gently and safely. We call this a “lash bath”. Added bonus - they’ll stay squeaky clean, giving you better retention!

    • Avoid glycol in your face wash, lotion, or makeup remover. More specifically, avoid anything with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene, or Propylene Glycol.

    • Lashes (extensions and natural!) can be damaged when you sleep face-down. Instead, try sleeping on your back, which has added benefits of helping posture and reducing muscle aches.

    • Sleep masks are available for purchase at our studio. These are designed specifically with lash extensions in mind with domed eye covers. This feature prevents your lashes from being crushed or compressing your eyes (which can lead to premature aging).

  • Give your lashes some TLC:

    • Brush out your lashes to have the most va-voom look! After a full set, we will always give you a free aftercare kit that your stylist will walk you through step by step. Please ensure you are replacing your lash bath brushes every 3 months, and your lash wands + flex tip applicators so that you have new ones to use every week.

    • Use your Lash Shampoo every night to keep your lashes clean and avoid unhealthy buildup. If you have oily skin, consider also washing your lashes in the morning to help improve retention, as even natural oils can cause extensions to shed prematurely if not cleaned off! Always wash your lashes after swimming or excessive sweating.

    • Resist picking or touching extensions with your fingers. Dirt or oils can get entangled promoting bacterial growth, so stick with the brush.

    • Finally, don’t wait too long between fills! Our stylists are trained to safely remove and replace extensions that are growing out, never damaging your natural lashes. Coming back regularly ensures fresh lashes and an even look that makes you look beautiful.